this recipe is over the top huge. I knew the recipe was going to be a lot but next time i’ll use some more willpower to made a reasonably sized portion. i love watermelon! watermelon and bananas often yield a lot of food for a low price. the mexican stores have the best prices. Using a vitamix would improve the speed of this recipe. i wonder if a food processor would be an improvement to a cheap blender.

i used a 1/3rd of a watermelon, 1 lime and some cold water. I added 5 dates which may have been a waste of calories.

this recipe looks awesome!

*This RICH BITCH COOKING series is coming from the point of view that retirement (even early retirement!) matters. we can gift our future self with riches if we’re powerful & thoughtful enough to plan for our future. If you’re 27 years old and save $7 day/$58 wk/$3k a year then when you’re 65 years old you’ll have approx $1.3 million dollars in your IRA. so lets save some of our luxurious food money and grow it into something long lasting. While trying to think of a name for this series i kept thinking of a “cheap eats” kind of mentality which is the exact opposite of what’s up. we’re rich and willing to use our money wisely.



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