From, these are the BEST vegan chocolate chip cookies I have every had. This cookie recipe turns out soft, chewy cookies with lightly crisp edges and uses chickpea brine in an unsual way. I hope you try them! I’ve made them around ten times already. 😀

This recipe was used for this video with permission from Somer McCowan of She was the first in our Vegan Meringue Hits and Misses Group to use aqua faba in cookies and figured out the measurements for each egg replacer.

For the full recipe and tips to making these the best cookies ever, click here:

For more about using chickpea brine (aqua faba) in baking, check out
My blog post about this recipe:

These are the adaptations I made:
1/2 cup golden sugar instead of brown
2 tablespoons refined white sugar instead of 1/4 cup unrefined
1 cup chocolate chips* (though next time I will use only 3/4 cup for a greater cookie to chocolate chip ratio)

To find vegan-friendly chocolate chips, look for the Enjoy Life brand as well as semi-sweet varieties in brands such as President’s Choice and Whole Food’s 365.

BTW, sorry this video is so late! Thanks for understanding.

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