Hello my lovely friends!

I’m sharing with you this awesome recipe that I use once a week to get some of the benefits from coffee and yet not get the addictive habit or dependency.
I really pay attention to the source of where I get my coffee and cacao, and monitor my allergic reactions (if any) to monitor that I only benefit from this weekly drink.
I also would like to stress that with the amount of daily fasting I am doing (between 18 up to 23hrs DAILY), my body has become very efficient at not only burning calories but “telling” me (through body reactions like sneezing, itching, red eyes, rashes, if I eat or drink anything that is “off” and contains too many toxins).

If you want to skip directly to the recipe, go to 8:48 into the video!

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Music credits:
Jamie, my intentions are bass from !!!
Detour from Gunnar Olsen

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